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Collaborator Projects


HPCToolkit is an integrated suite of tools for measurement and analysis of program performance on computers ranging from multicore desktop systems to the nation's largest supercomputers.


Omnitrace is designed for both high-level and comprehensive application tracing and profiling on both the CPU and GPU. Omnitrace supports both binary instrumentation and sampling as a means of collecting various metrics.


SystemTap provides a simple command line interface and scripting language for writing instrumentation for a live running kernel plus user-space applications.


The Stack Trace Analysis Tool (STAT) is a highly scalable, lightweight tool that gathers and merges stack traces from all of the processes of a parallel application to form call graph prefix trees.


TAU Performance System is a portable profiling and tracing toolkit for performance analysis of parallel programs written in Fortran, C, C++, UPC, Java, and Python.


Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object based C++ class library that provides the necessary infrastructure to allow tool developers and sophisticated tool users to build parallel and serial tools through technology called dynamic instrumentation.


Previous Collaborations

The Parallel Tools Consortium

Falcon Monitoring & Steering System at Georgia Tech.

XPVM at Oak Ridge National Laboratories

Dynamic Interposition Tools (DITools) at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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